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Curious Confused Ghost and Flat Screen TV.

“ July 2019 Writing Prompts“ As the man walked pass the dark tall building, he thought he heard the sounds of a hockey game and then silence, then “Goal” and then silence once again. Curiosity won and he walked towards the dark tall building to peak inside. “A building, a confused ghost, a flat screen

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The hum of the distant mower gave her a thought.

The memory of a father always returns; her father was an avid gardener and rather enjoyed making his yard beautiful!! He mowed and weeded and harvested fantastic gardens each year. Every time she passes by a well kept yard, the memory of a father returns and first thought crosses her mind is , now there

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Writing Prompts

Scenes Writing Prompts. Please have fun with these scenes and pingback. A building, a confused ghost, a flat screen TV, Curious Melbourne Australia, a fisherman, toilet paper roll, vanilla A shipping Pier, an airline pilot, a mobile phone, baby powder The edge of a cliff, a high school teacher, a haunted violin, windy In a

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