Writing Prompts

Scenes Writing Prompts.

Please have fun with these scenes and pingback.

  1. A building, a confused ghost, a flat screen TV, Curious
  2. Melbourne Australia, a fisherman, toilet paper roll, vanilla
  3. A shipping Pier, an airline pilot, a mobile phone, baby powder
  4. The edge of a cliff, a high school teacher, a haunted violin, windy
  5. In a truck, the ‘new guy, a pair of Aces, new car smell
  6. A kitchen, Man on vacation, no car, burnt bacon
  7. A cabin in the woods, fisherman, lost tackle box, Rain
  8. An interior designer, Dark cave, bear, rotten egg smell
  9. Out in a field, a calico cat, a bottle of pain pills, around noon
  10. A smoking poker room, a carpenter, goofball, enthusiastic
  11. Under a bush, a race car driver, an ice cream cake, excited
  12. A long the water, a young doctor, a lacrosse stick, tense
  13. A rickety old she’d, a hospital nurse, a pile of stones, around sunset
  14. Inside a computer, a made up man, Ruby red slippers, brisk
  15. A cruise ship, a bike messenger, a sleeping bag, night time

Creating Creativity!!

Cozy Condo Sunday

It has been a busy week for this blogger. Having a place for Creating Creativity has been a long time dream.

The above picture is the cozy condos finish basement, shortly after moving in a couple years ago. Two doors on the left is the laundry room.

My creativity spans from self-taught quilter to writer and crafter.

I began thinking about writing, blogging and reading and decided the far corner would be perfect hideaway.

A writer and book lover is not successful without a place for writing material, this little night stand was a perfect solution to holding my supplies in arms reach of the desk.

As I mentioned I am a self-taught quilter, since age of 25. That was my next thought, how to be reinspired to get back into sewing and quilting during the cold months of winter.

When I turn my chair around I now see the inspiration behind me.

There is still plenty of work and creativity to be accomplished. Stay tuned.