Blogger Tools Created For New Year of Blogging!

ball-jar-3512417_640Before the count down began for a new year, I saw posts on Pinterest showing the use of jars to put a year’s worth of joy inside. Although I did make a jar for a year full of joy; I also made a jar full of blog posts for when I am stumped for a subject to write about that day. 

Today was one of those days, so I opened the jar and pulled out a piece of paper that had…

“List of Blogs”

The first two Blogs I will share are Blogs that I return to every week, and always walk away with new found knowledge;

She was the first one to give this new blogger a chance to guest post on her site and I received a guest post from her also, read it here…Special posts by Special Guest Bloggers!! As I expressed I return here often and always walk away with new found knowledge.

See Jane Write

I truly confess….this blog was found last year on accident. I continually return to the blog for knowledge and get excited for the time of year when she hosts, #Bloglikecrazy.  

The next three Blogs never fail to catch my attention in the Reader’s section of WordPress…


I enjoy the posts of this blog, but my favorite things are gardening subjects; like this post Gardening week and I really enjoy the fact that when they comment they are not afraid to hold small conversations. 

Putting my feet in the dirt

Who on here doesn’t love monthly blog prompts. The prompts just inspire imagination and creativity!!!!


I have another confession; although my education and future degree will be in the Culinary Field…my second major could possibly be in psychology because of how intriguing this field can be. 

Stay tuned for the next round of ” Lists of Blogs” 



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