Friday’s What I used to think_____; What I think Now____________

August 9,  2019

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Friday’s What I used to think>>>> What I think Now>>>


Friday’s What I used to think>>> Imagine being 17 and saying I do to a person 5 years older than you…that is exactly the ages we were when we married. My spouse was one of the lucky ones in the 80’s to find a girl who came straight from her parents home to his without any other attatchments. We had both children by the time I was 23.  Now almost 35 years later, both children are adults on their own and one of them is married and has given us a grandson.  The other one is single and plans to remain single.  Friday’s What I used to think>>>is that I could never enjoy going out alone to a simple movie or restaurant or even sit at the pool without the business of family life or date nights. What I think Now>>> The past 2 years worth of situations have caused such things as going to the pool alone, or a simple movie and bite to eat and to tell you the honest truth, I LOVE IT!!! I love the time alone to think and really pay attention to the movies, really enjoy sitting at the pool talking to the other people in my community.  

Share with me something you used to think and what you think about it now?


September 22, 2018

Good Morning readers, I realize this is Saturday morning but we had dinner guest last night, which leads me into Friday’s What I used to think____; What I think Now_____ segment. The dinner guest has been here 2 other times this year and has been served some pretty awesome meals. Past meals consist of Venison Chili and Prime Rib Roast with all the fixings.

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Last night I decided to serve meatloaf, I usually do an excellent job preparing this particular comfort food. Which leads me to Friday’s What I used to think>>I used to think that if one part of a meal screwed up or fell apart then the whole meal was ruin and someone needed to fix the situation….. What I think Now>>Because of all I have learned in Culinary Arts School so far….when my meatloaf fell apart in the pan…..gasp right?…I did not ” Cry over spilled Milk” as the phrase goes….I salvaged and served the few full slices toped with the dipping sauce I had made and kindly explained that there was plenty for second and third helpings but it might not be as pretty as the plate sitting in front of you now.

To conclude Taste out numbered looks 10/1 this time and don’t fret over the small things in life.  Life is a daily challenge so instead….Live, Laugh, and Love Everyday!!


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