Cozy Condo Sunday’s

August 2019 Updates:

As previously shared in May’s Arrival brings changes in Life! I have the new colors chosen for the Cozy Condo, and shared my decorating board that came from the idea of a vision board for decorating.

I have begun to create homemade items for the condo based on these colors and since August has arrived, my favorite season is Fall so I have begun to decorate for Fall and will share in future posts. Stay tuned!!!!


Our cozy condo is coming along. The deck has been a little bit of a headache. We have put lawn chairs out right now, similar to those in the picture. Drab I know but we plan on using this deck for relaxing and entertaining so furniture must be right.

As I sit here and type those words I’m laughing because men and women never seem to agree what is right. Our styles are always so different and surprising. So stay tune to see who wins the war of decorating the Cozy Condo’s deck.

ordinary lawn chair

Update on deck of the Cozy Condo. The structural part of the deck got repaired. Looking good.


Structure repair needed

Structure repair done

We still have lawn chairs out there though. Next year brings more decisions.



7 comments on “Cozy Condo Sunday’s”

  1. Whatever men say I think women are definitely better at decorating and can make any house look like a home. Every home needs a woman’s touch! My husband and I also have very different opinions of what our home should look like.

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