Writing Prompts

Scenes Writing Prompts.

Please have fun with these scenes and pingback.

  1. A building, a confused ghost, a flat screen TV, Curious
  2. Melbourne Australia, a fisherman, toilet paper roll, vanilla
  3. A shipping Pier, an airline pilot, a mobile phone, baby powder
  4. The edge of a cliff, a high school teacher, a haunted violin, windy
  5. In a truck, the ‘new guy, a pair of Aces, new car smell
  6. A kitchen, Man on vacation, no car, burnt bacon
  7. A cabin in the woods, fisherman, lost tackle box, Rain
  8. An interior designer, Dark cave, bear, rotten egg smell
  9. Out in a field, a calico cat, a bottle of pain pills, around noon
  10. A smoking poker room, a carpenter, goofball, enthusiastic
  11. Under a bush, a race car driver, an ice cream cake, excited
  12. A long the water, a young doctor, a lacrosse stick, tense
  13. A rickety old she’d, a hospital nurse, a pile of stones, around sunset
  14. Inside a computer, a made up man, Ruby red slippers, brisk
  15. A cruise ship, a bike messenger, a sleeping bag, night time

Mom’s Personality Touched Many

The woman that Completed Her Journey last year was not even supposed to see her daughter become a mother or a grandmother but her strong will and her faith in her God changed those circumstances.

Things were not always a dream come true for this woman but she made the best out of everyday. She was married to a great guy with one addiction….Alcohol. Addictions such as alcohol can make a home not so happy at times. In 1979 she faced trauma head on when she was faced with a 10 hour surgery and 50/50 chance to survive. She spent the night praying, praying to live and change her children’s lives.

God answered that prayer and she survived 39 years after that surgery. She held every grandchild and unlike her husband she held every great grandchild too. Our children and grandchildren tell everyone they had a Grandmother who they should of never met but learned to be stronger people because she was blessed with an answer from God.

Does Every Generation; Need To Follow The Same Rules of rejection?

April Prompts

Does every generation; Need to follow the same rules of rejection?

Every generation experiences new types of music and movies, but what about how you handle rejection? Does it need to always be someone walking away or someone shutting down? 

The third course in April Wine’s Just Between You and Me,  states these lyrics

Words are sometimes hard to find”
The silence can be so unkind
You always help me find my way
The love that we share
Grows stronger each day

I agree that sometimes words are sometimes hard to find…..why not try to practice in a journal or letter?

I also agree Silence is so unkind…maybe for both sexes?

My point is if the Love is strong enough why not help each other find the way to grow stronger or make it hurt less?