Summertime is especially important to Live Healthy

Hello to my followers,

Welcome back!! I hope your staying cool or warm depending where you are from or visiting today. Summertime is especially important to live healthy. As I expressed on Living Naturally I do attempt to live as natural as possible.

2019 pool season
2019 lake time

I have already received compliments about my skin and age. In future Post I will share things that worked.

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks again for visiting!!


Summertime Fashion!!! Revealing I am a fan!

Today on this midlife blog I reveal that I am a fan of fashion blogs!!  I love the colors of 2019 and although I do NOT have the pleasure of shopping to my hearts content ( honestly I’m not sure a woman’s 💝 can be content with just shopping). I wanted to share 2 blogs I am currently enjoying. They are sharing 25 days of summer fashion!

  1. Grace and Beauty

  2. Modern Everyday Style

Let them know what you think and comment below if you enjoy fashion blogs also.

Thank you for visiting today🍷🌹

Reminders of the Purpose!!

#Memorialday #Soldiers #Service #Country #USA From our home to yours; Remember to take a moment to remember.

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A Writer’s Frustration!

Dear fellow #bloggers/#writer’s, #bloggers #Writer’s #blogging #family #devices I ask is there anything more frustrating than your favorite writing device to go out; when your mind is full of posts to share? Especially when the nest is empty of all those smart-ass teenagers that can walk up to your home desk and say here let…

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