Living Naturally at Midlife


Welcome to Living Naturally at Midlife! 

A new page on my blog for the up coming New Year!! 

The first picture is my children and I years ago. I was in mid-thirties.  The second picture is this year at age 52. I Love the outdoors and believe in protecting my skin all year round. 

I have always raised my family on as much Natural Remedies and Methods as they would accept and I usually personally research and experiment before even suggesting a Remedy or Method.  

I am aware the internet is full of Remedies and Methods, I am not aware of all the research done before the posts are made.  That is the goal of this page is to share what has worked for my family and myself. Also share what has not worked. 

I will add a disclaimer here; I am not a health provider and each person should talk to providers before you experiment. 


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