Things this Midlife Woman Enjoys!!!


Watching Sports!

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Person Behind the Pen
love-music-so-much-daily-quotes-sayings-pictures-810x787.pngMusic has always been a big enjoyment in my life. My parents were born in the late forties and they introduced their children to all sorts of genre.

The above picture explains everything…I just love to read and the past year I have been introduced to several new interesting genres.


My dearest Grandmother taught me the importance of sharing and relaxing with a cup of tea. 

Movies are a great pass-time especially at the end of a long day and especially when someone is there to discuss all the emotions certain movies bring to the surface.


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If I can not be Outdoors I feel as if I am locked in a cage!!

Sports Fan!!

St. Louis Born and Raised!!!


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Although I have a spouse who is NOT a sports fan the games are still on when time allows!!