Things this Midlife Woman Enjoys!!!


Watching Sports!

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Person Behind the Pen
love-music-so-much-daily-quotes-sayings-pictures-810x787.pngMusic has always been a big enjoyment in my life. My parents were born in the late forties and they introduced their children to all sorts of genre. Music draws me to people and I love talking about it and listening to it alone and with others.


The above picture explains everything…I just love to read and the past year I have been introduced to several new interesting genres.




My dearest Grandmother taught me the importance of sharing and relaxing with a cup of tea. I enjoy so many different teas, always looking for a new flavor or a great person to share conversation over tea. 


Movies are a great pass-time especially at the end of a long day and especially when someone is there to discuss all the emotions certain movies bring to the surface.



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                  {If I can not be Outdoors I feel as if I am locked in a cage!!}



Sports Fan!!

St. Louis Born and Raised!!!


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Although I have a spouse who is NOT a sports fan the games are still on when time allows!!

In the comments on this page; ask me about a favorite and I will reply, or share one of your favorites and grab a cup of tea for a conversation.