Reviews Of Favorite Books In Personal Library.

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Good morning,

The above picture is a small idea of my cookbook library. These are located in the kitchen, so to utilize daily. The remainder of cookbooks and other personal books are located on shelves in the guestroom closet. Except for books pertaining of bartending information, which in this post I will share my idea for an small spaces entertainment drawer.



I Love Jane Fonda’s Cooking for Healthy Living; I imagine if you are a man seeing the words “healthy living” your sitting there hoping your spouse or girlfriend does not see this post. Rest assure my spouse enjoys the taste of several of her recipes. Woman if your seeing the words “healthy living ” and thinking another bland cookbook I challenge you to try 2 recipes, especially with blueberries as an ingredient and then visit my site again with your review.


As you can see, with a lot of credit to my daughter at Christmas Time, I do use Pioneer Woman cookbooks often, the one I refer to every week without a doubt is The Pioneer Woman Cook’sShe cooks for cowboys and the recipes are easy, very tasty and once again to reassure the guys, my spouse requests at least 4 of the recipes in the above mentioned book often. 

Now to switch the topic from cookbooks to bartending books. As a culinary person it is just as important that I know how to serve beverages and how to pair wines and other beverages with foods. The Cozy Condo is a delightful small home. I enjoy waking up each morning with the Welcome Hug of my kitchen and this year I am working on redecorating since May’s Arrival brings changes in Life!

My kitchen is what they call a Gallery Kitchen but it is open floor plan, which simply means I can socialize as I cook. The island area which has an additional two to three seats during holidays, has four drawers and today I will reveal organizing a small space for entertaining.


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As you can see the beginning of my beverage book collection fits right inside the drawer with a juicer, two candle stick holders, in the Christmas tin is my wine opening and sealing accessories, after these pictures were taken I added 2 shot glasses.  The cost for this entertainment drawer is right around $20. 

In future posts I will share ideas for small bake ware, also more decorating and organizing of a small cozy space.

Please leave a comment or a review if you liked any of the recipes from the mentioned cookbooks:


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