Lynn Messer’s Death Certificate: What it does and doesn’t say

I wanted to share this, because Lynn Messer was a great influence in my life as a young bride and mother. She taught me so many ways to be a Christian and to be a Christian wife and mother. Our children are adults with children of their own but they still keep in contact and I myself always receive hugs if our paths cross at Walmart or anywhere else. She would be proud of her boys and my son & daughter. Lynn Messer you are truly missed.

Spiritual Battles

The team for Lynn’s prayer vigil is preparing for Monday night. We’ve been hearing from many of you that you plan on attending. The forecast for Monday has changed multiple times over the last few days and right now it looks clear, but with all the pop-up thunderstorms and rain showers we’ve been having, we highly suggest bringing an umbrella.

We’ve been hearing from people who supported Kerry Messer for years. They believed him when he assured them that he was not dating or romantically linked to Spring Thomas, and that everyone saying so was lying. But then…he married Spring Thomas. Now their suspicions, and odd things Kerry said and did over the last five years are adding up…and it doesn’t look good to them. They feel like they were hoodwinked. These people are now joining the #JusticeForLynn prayer vigil. Even if you believe Kerry, we hope you will join…

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