The hum of the distant mower gave her a thought.

Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

The memory of a father always returns; her father was an avid gardener and rather enjoyed making his yard beautiful!! He mowed and weeded and harvested fantastic gardens each year. Every time she passes by a well kept yard, the memory of a father returns and first thought crosses her mind is , now there lives a man who cares.

Of course those thoughts are due to the fact that her father did care about how the yard and garden represented the man. Possibly not all men do yard work for that reason, but if they stood back and really looked at the accomplishment maybe they would hold their heads up high as the memory of a father always returns.


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  1. Growing up on military bases meant that the yards were always cut and edged according to regulation. A violation meant discipline for the military member and so neatness was “common” but a few strived to go beyond and took great pride in the preening of their carefully plotted (but still regulation) gardens. Thank you for the reminder. Visiting from your link on fb from Katherine’s Corner.

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