Are You A Lifetime Learner?

Hello dear readers,

Yes it’s Monday and yes I am asking the question…

Are you a lifetime learner?

It tells us in Ecclesiastes 9:10, “whatsoever” they have findeth ” to do” do it with might.

Guess what?…

It continues to remind us that there is ” No Work” “No Device” ” Not Knowledge ” ” Nor Wisdom ” in the grave.

So let me ask again…Are you a lifetime learner?

Do you attempt each day to know the trends for your career? How about New software for productivity?

Those of us in midlife in my opinion should be able to “Train” the next generation with confidence, so that one day they can reach midlife and possibly teach the next generation with their knowledge and the knowledge they gained from the lifetime learner before them. 

Please share your blessings and rewards from being a lifetime learner!


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