Does Every Generation; Need To Follow The Same Rules of rejection?

April Prompts

Does every generation; Need to follow the same rules of rejection?

Every generation experiences new types of music and movies, but what about how you handle rejection? Does it need to always be someone walking away or someone shutting down? 

The third course in April Wine’s Just Between You and Me,  states these lyrics

Words are sometimes hard to find”
The silence can be so unkind
You always help me find my way
The love that we share
Grows stronger each day

I agree that sometimes words are sometimes hard to find…..why not try to practice in a journal or letter?

I also agree Silence is so unkind…maybe for both sexes?

My point is if the Love is strong enough why not help each other find the way to grow stronger or make it hurt less?



Music Lover’s Explorer: Return of Vinyl Records!

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Opposites Attract Challenge


Welcome to the Opposites Attract Challenge!

For this challenge, I provide one word and a list of its antonyms. The challenge is to use the prompt word AND one (or more) of its antonyms in some form of writing (or creative work).

Explore the word and its opposite … challenge your creative side


Today’s word: stentorian
Antonyms: gentle, low, soft

If you are a Midlife Music Lover, you may have gotten excited to see Vinyl Records back on the shelfs. I remember going to the record store as a teenager and hearing the stentorian of music in the background asking who the band was if I had not heard the song yet.

Now you walk into a department store and head through to the electronic department and although there is music coming from the  speakers…it is more of a gentle lower decimal of sounds. 

Music & Song Lyrics Resources Post

Do you love music as much as I do? Do you just listen or really get into the lyrics? Do you play an instrument? I have played the flute growing up and took guitar lessons during my teenage years. Please share your music experience in comments.

This posts will hopefully bring you new inspirations and resources! Let’s get started.

  1. Baby Boomer HeadQuartersThe title speaks for it’s self. Most of us Midlifer’s have grown up with some of the best music out there, although new artist surprise me all the time. 
  2. Sheet Music Plus… They are A+ Rating Better Business Bureau Accreditted Business. Sheet Music for everyone.
  3. Kids Com… Virtual Worlds for Kids. Summer time is around the corner and grandparents need resources. 
  4. Mud CatI saved this one for last. I have just started browsing and warning…you will be here for a while.

I really hope I have inspired you with these resources and apppreciate any links shared in comments.  Have a wonderful, blessed week ahead!!


Thoughts on generations: 3 Widow’s during my Life Time


Image by adamkontor from Pixabay

Although the above picture is not this Midlife Blogger, I was a very young bride and then mother.  Through out my life I have known several widows. Some related and some not related. 

Each have left lasting memories and lessons in my mind. Today I will share thoughts on 3 of the Widow’s during my life time.

  1. The first Widow was not related by blood, but was a dear church family member and a women that each of us women admired. Before she became a widow, she started a church in Belarus. She kept in contact monthly with her missonaries and updated our church every quarter.  After her spouse passed away and she began to live her life as a widow, she traveled to see the church she helped get started. She enjoys this traveling and she enjoys a life lead by God. The lesson learned was to let God lead the way and life will not change unless you help change it.
  2. The second Widow I will speak to you about is my grandmother.   (My father’s mother). That was a remarkable woman, although I did not know her well as a little girl; I spent time as an adult with this woman and learned and watched closely. She laid her own father to rest when I was a young bride and mother. Then she laid her husband to rest a few years later. She did not drive, but she enjoyed life. Everyone took out as often as possible or we would show up at her door and be greeted with a smile. The bowl of candy on the table was never empty and tea time with my grandmother was always full of wisdom. Before my grandmother passed away five years ago, she laid to rest another man. My father was the first child that she said goodbye to in her life time. The lesson learned is that God takes home many people before you sometimes, keep your faith and never take life for granted.
  3. By now you are sitting there knowing that the third widow is my mother. She was a widow for 12 years. Although she was disabled ( Mom’s still here!She was an intelligent woman. Enjoyed life and she did not drive either but we took her out and we enjoyed every day with her until  (Her Journey Is Complete). She was one remarkable women. The life time lesson learned here is that whatever trials God brings into your life, your faith and survival skills will get you through each day.


As I sip my tea while leaning back in this desk chair, I watched my spouse today who has worsened in the past 3 years. I think about what the season of widowhood has instore for myself? What sorts of journies await? What sorts of people will cross my path? Will I stay in Missouri or begin a brand new life somewhere else?

When God decides on the day to take my spouse home, he will then have both of my parents and my spouse of 34 years. Stay tuned for new seasons of adventure.