Family Storytellers –Expand History In A Mind

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vgosn_family_record_free_printable_vintage_image_family_tree_3Happy New Year’s!!

Welcome to 2019!! Are you a family storyteller?

Family Storytellers –Expand History In A Mind Throughout generations. As most of my followers know, Mom recently passed away, Her Journey Is CompleteI have always been the one to soak all the stories from family storytellers into my mind and soul. 

I absolutely love doing genealogy and sharing interesting fines.  In today’s excess of the internet and digital accessories, you can spend hours, weeks, years filling up binders of history to past along to the next generations. Speaking of these new generations ( no offense or judgment intended) take some time away from those smartphones and visit with a senior member of the family. Bet they can answer many curious questions that wonder in your mind. 

Do you know how grandpa made a living? Do you know grandma’s recipe for that meal you can not get enough of when you visit? Do you know if a parent overcame a childhood illness?   If you take the time to listen and journal now, the generation you bring into our world will continue to pass on these stories.

Please comment below, any amazing genealogy discoveries.


2 Replies to “Family Storytellers –Expand History In A Mind”

  1. I do love those kinds of stories. We have had some amazingly strong and resilient people in our histories. Very inspiring for our young people if they take time to listen.


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