Welcoming Spirit, Life in the Kitchen & Hospitality

” I love hospitality, and I love cooking. The kitchen is where I feel most at ease and where I feel most like myself.”—Geoffrey Zakarian 


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  1. Welcoming Spirit
  2. Life in the Kitchen
  3. Hospitality


Welcoming Spirit:

   ” Every house where loves abides’ And friendship is a guest Is surely home and home, sweet home For there the heart can rest.”—Henry Van Dyke

     Do you still have a welcoming spirit in your home? Does your home greet you the single person or the family with comfort and welcoming or with chaos?  Take a moment and enter your front door and ask yourself for the new year ahead am I being welcomed from the chaos of the world or am I coming home to more chaos? Even if you are a single man or single father, coming home to chaos is just one more thing to deal with before you can truly relax. 


Life in the Kitchen:

 ” I am beginning to see that the things that matter take place not in the board rooms, but in the kitchens of the world.”—Gary Sledge 

     Life in the kitchen is always an adventure, rather your an at home cook, restaurant cook or even a host of a cooking show on Food Network.  Lessons will be learned and taught. Mistakes will be made and corrected. Is your kitchen ready for a brand new year? Are you ready for a change?

I reorganized all my cabinets before Christmas after researching the kind of skills I wanted to focus on for 2019 and knowing that I always receive culinary gifts for Christmas such as pictured in the slideshow above.



I asked you all last year  Is Hospitality a thing of the past?  I personally do not think it’s a thing of the past, just not as important maybe with all this social media and smartphone use these days.  I personally still turn my smartphone on silence and stick it in a drawer until my company has left.  

Let me ask you, Are you so hooked on social media that you can not be around your phone? I challenge you the reader to take two nights in 2019 put the phone away and show some hospitality to a special person. 

” There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.”—Henry James


Brand New Year & Real Good Tan


Merry Christmas 2018!!!

A brand New Year is just about here and Yes All I wanted for Christmas was a Real Good Tan.  I did not get that wish forfilled but lots of new plans & goals for the blog in 2019 have me excited and inspired!! 

May God Bless you and your families with the best Christmas Ever!!



Midlife Women Are Like Birds in Flight

2018 Is ending in 14 days

This is one of many songs that sum up my year.


“Eagle When She Flies”

She’s been there, God knows, she’s been there
She has seen and done it all
She’s a woman, she knows how to
Dish it out or take it all
Her heart’s as soft as feathers
Still she weathers stormy skies
And she’s a sparrow when she’s broken
But she’s an eagle when she flies

A kaleidoscope of colors
You can toss her around and round
You can keep her in your vision
But you’ll never keep her down
She’s a lover, she’s a mother
She’s a friend and she’s a wife
And she’s a sparrow when she’s broken
But she’s an eagle when she flies

Gentle as the sweet magnolia
Strong as steel, her faith and pride
She’s an everlasting shoulder
She’s the leaning post of life
She hurts deep and when she weeps
She’s just as fragile as a child
And she’s a sparrow when she’s broken
But she’s an eagle when she flies

She’s a sparrow when she’s broken
But she’s an eagle when she flies
Oh, bless her, Lord
She’s an eagle when she flies