Question of the Day?

A Writer’s Life

What is your favorite part of your daily routine?

My favorite part of my daily routine is as simple as Pie….the end of the day when both people that I have been a Caregiver for all day, through the challenges and demands of life and sickness is after everyone has closed their eyes and drifted off to dream land.   That is when I can turn on some Journey and relax for just an hour or so with no demands before joining the world in dreamland.


Fall Traditions!

Happy-FallFall reminds me of my childhood traditions. Some traditions stick to you like glue and Fall Cleaning is one of those traditions’ for this Midlife Girl!!

Thank God I do not live on second floor, my dear mother who is German had us girls on hands and knees cleaning the wooden stairway.  I do however have a lovely deck connected to the Cozy Condo Today’s focus was on vacuuming and doing windows and the beginning of Fall decorations. I will share photos Sunday during Cozy Condo Sunday.

Thank you once again for visiting and in the comments share some awesome fall decorations you may be doing this Fall!!