Five Moments That Basically Sum Up My Fishing Experience.

In my now 51 years of life; I have experience numerous Moments that sum up my fishing experiences.  Five of those moments I am about to share with my readers.

  1. Fishing Lessons Learned
  2. The Man who taught the Fishing Lessons
  3. The fishing lessons taught to his grandchildren
  4. Fishing possibly strengthens friendships
  5. Fishing helps the soul to reconnect

Life is an Adventure!!!

@MidlifeNew & Father, Brother, & Uncle

@MidlifeNew at an early age

  1.  Lessons Learned;                                                                                                                    At a very early age my father took us camping and fishing. I am referring to real camping in tents not cabins with air-conditioning. He has three children and even the two daughters were taught to bait their own hooks, not the plastic baits either real live baits such as worms and crickets, although I really did not catch onto how to put a cricket on the hook properly until years later when a family friend took the time to explain.
@MidlifeNew's Dad

@MidlifeNew’s Dad

2.   The Man that taught the lessons.            The man pictured to the left is my Father. He was pure country boy. Although finding work meant he had to raise his family in the city, he always had a garden, did the canning and took his family outdoors camping and fishing as often as he possibly could manage the trips.  His favorite rod and reel to use was an Ugly Stix and his favorite catch was Catfish. He loved the fight and the challenges.

Mother and daughter @MidlifeNew

@MidlifeNew teaching daughter to fish

3.  The lessons taught to his grandchildren.       In the 1990’s I was blessed with a daughter. Blessed in several ways, she was born on my 23rd birthday and being raised in the country she isn’t afraid of hard-work or outdoor activities. As you can see in the picture, I continued my father’s tradition of teaching my children about fishing and camping at a young age, but one difference; their father taught them about air-conditioned cabins.  I am very blessed though that my son takes his son on real camping trips in tents. 

As I enter  that midlife age and think about “Five Moments That Basically Sum Up My Fishing Experience. ”  I think…..

Fishing Lessons Learned
The Man who taught the Fishing Lessons
The fishing lessons taught to his grandchildren
Fishing possibly strengthens friendships
Fishing helps the soul to reconnect

Two Friends on the lake

@MidlifeNew’s Spouse and his best friend

4.  Fishing possibly strengthens friendships;  The above picture is my spouse  Caregiver of a Strong Man  right after diagnosed with COPD, along with his best friend and co-worker of several years. I personally had never witness the two men working together as a team on the construction sites but on this particular trip, they took their first vacation together and as I observed from the pontoon boat while they set lines for the week, I could clearly see that this Captain and his Co-Captain made a great team.

5. Fishing helps the soul to reconnect ;

The one very important thing I have learned about walking by the lake or casting a pole as a Caregiver is to enjoy the silence and clear your mind for another day of patience and sanity!!


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