The Hidden Agenda Of Future Trip.

As I sit near a window, sipping a cup of tea and watching the birds fly in and out of the trees, my mind wonders to a future trip. This is a trip as no other, far from the life I live just for one week. Most beautiful cabin I have every seen with a…

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The Miracle Of Life Is An Adventure.

Life’s An Adventure!

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The miracle of life is an adventure….have you stopped and realized how fast this life can be taken away?   I learned at a early age how fast life can change.  


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The miracle of life is an something I teach my grandson all the time. Our latest Adventure in life was taking a three hour hike. At first like most kids he thought this would be more work than fun, but he actually enjoyed the sites that we came upon.


Remember; The miracle of life is an adventure.

  • Live it to the fullest…you only get one shot
  • Laugh like it’s going out of style
  • Love Unconditionally as the good word says


July Blog Challenge Day 1

Blog Challenge
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Day 1 of Blog Challenge…a way to know the blogger you follow better is Introduction and recent picture.

My name is Donna…I was named after my father’s favorite sister. I was born and raised in Missouri. Have actually only took one long trip outside of Missouri and that was to see the ocean for my very first time in 2015.  It was on my spouses bucket list before we got to the point that he couldn’t do anything. 


The above picture is the view from the 23rd floor…I really do not have to many fears but do not look down from this height until you get used to being so far up.

I rarely take selfies, and actually I’m usually the one that takes photos instead of appearing in one.  The following picture is at the lake…I walk down here several days a week in the summer and fall.  This particular day I wanted to capture the sun setting. I absolutely love watching sunsets.


@MidlifeNew down at the lake


I really enjoy most outdoor activities and love music! 

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post!!



July Song Challenge

July Songs

Last Year’s Music Challenge

This time last year “Stupid Boy” by Keith Urban was my favorite song.

Keith Urban is an amazing artist! His lyrics and musical talents are top notch. As I expressed  last year in the  August Day 1  ….

Although my spouse is on oxygen and health is questionable everyday…he sometimes can be very challenging…..but seriously what man or even woman isn’t challenging at times.

Remember comments are welcome but I ask that you be polite and no belittling of men or women.