July Challenges No longer



Do to some personal caregiver type situations, this blogger needs to take sometime and get somethings in order.  She will hopefully return in August!


Day 10 of July Blog Challenge

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July 30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 10 is >>>Put your phone or iPod on shuffle and list first 10 songs that play; I did this early this morning; I have 3319 songs on my kindle music section.

Let me tell you 2 things…..

  1. My music choices are all over the billboard
  2. It was very challenging not to skip around

Here we go list of first 10 songs that played on shuffle today

  1. I try to think about Elvis>>>Patty Loveless
  2. Just for You>>>Love Pearls Unlimited
  3. I’ll be There>>>Montgomery Smith
  4. Nothing but the cooler left>>>Chris Young
  5. Little Bit of Everything>>Keith Urban
  6. Dov’e l’ Amore>>>Cher
  7. The Greatest Love>>>Aaron Neville
  8. What About You>>>Tim McGraw
  9. That’s the kind of Mood I’m In>>>Patty Loveless
  10. T.L.C. A.S.A.P.>>>Alabama 


July Songs Day 4-10

July Songs

Day 4 was supposed to be 2 Summer songs….

  1. Pontoon–Little Big Town
  2. Flip Flop Summer–Kenny Chesney

Day 5 was song from your favorite album….well short story before we downsized from our homestead the very last Christmas there, and for the first time in a long marriage both my husband and I bought each other one store bought gift and one mildly used yet purposeful gifts… My mildly used gifts was 10 Elvis Presley Albums….My favorite is the following….

Day 6 is a song that reminds you of somebody…..this is difficult choice. 

I decided on Mark Chestnut’s Thank God for Believer’s

Ladies most of the time…your man just needs you to believe.

Day 7 is a song that reminds you of somewhere….I could not come up with a song for this day….I really haven’t traveled in my life as of yet and nothing came to mind for this category.

Day 8 is a song with a color in title….well who doesn’t love hearing…

Day 9 First song I heard on July 9th 2018 was….

So Now that brings us to Day 10 and completely caught up with the July Song Challenge

Day 10 Last song you heard around 2 p.m. today…….

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Illness & Caregiving.

Strong as glass

The Man in the Chair


What I Wish Everyone Knew About Illness & Caregiving is that when the caregiver is sick everything seems to get pushed to back burner, except getting her health back on track and still doing what is necessary to be a caregiver.

Yes I admit the blog has been silent for a few days and even ended up taking a couple drafted blog posts off due to not being finished.  The Person behind the Pen has been dealing with a chest cold that almost turned into Bronchitis. This is actually a yearly thing but if you are a caregiver you tend to avoid taking care of your needs until someone says” you must take care of yourself too.” It’s funny how others notice but do not seem to jump in and lend some time to spare you of daily routine.

  This blogger is also a full-time caregiver to a spouse who lives with COPD. He is in the last Stage which is stage 4.  He still eats well and does a few essential things on his own but other than those essential things this caregiver is on duty 24/7. Then there’s my mother. She lives an hour away and I am part-time caregiver for that special women.


I absolutely have no regrets of being a caregiver, or even what it has costed me as for as not living out dreams and passions.  There will come a time in life where both of those desires will come into play and I will move on with no regrets.