Summertime Reading Challenge

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Summertime Reading 

Reading is one of my all time favorite ways to get through a quiet evening. Since we moved into the Cozy Condo about three years ago I haven’t been able to do a summer reading challenge at local library so this challenge really got me excited. 


Since the month of June is almost finished I will only list 15 books and together we will see how the summer goes for this midlife blogger.

  1. Eat Pray Love>>Elizabeth Gilbert
  2. Five Pages a Day: A Writer’s Journal>>Peg Kehret
  3. The Lieutenants>>Web Griffin
  4. Chains of Commands>>Dale Brown
  5. Shadow Dance>>Susan Anderson
  6. The Book Thief>>Markus Zasak
  7. Your Heart Belongs to Me>>Dean Koontz
  8. What the Night Knows>>Dean Koontz
  9. Secrets of A Sparrow>>Diana Ross
  10. The Battle of Britain>>Denis Richards
  11. Out on a Limb>>Shirley MacLaine
  12. Friendship for Grownups>>Lisa Whelchel
  13. Losing It>>Valerie Bertarelli
  14. Finding It>>Valerie Bertarelli
  15. Chopping Spree>>Diane Matt Davidson

Good luck to all the bloggers that join the Summer Reading