July 30 Day Blog Challenge

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Blog Challenge

The final blog challenge I listed on the Blog Challenge Page is a Blog Challenge.

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30 Day Blog Challenge consist of learning about the blogger that you follow.  

  1. Introduction and recent photo
  2. Your 6 favorite blogs
  3. Your top 3 favorite posts 
  4. Why do you blog
  5. How often do you write
  6. Goals for future writings
  7. Write 30 interesting facts about you
  8. What is your best physical feature
  9. What are you afraid of
  10. Put your phone or iPod on shuffle and list first 10 songs that play
  11. Your 10 favorite foods
  12. Your 5 favorite desserts
  13. How important is education to you
  14. Your views on drugs and alcohol
  15. What do you collect
  16. What is your favorite genre of book
  17. What is your favorite genre of music
  18. Your highs and lows the past year
  19. Do you prefer to be active or couch potato?
  20. Do you prefer outdoor activity or indoor?
  21. Name 10 places you would love to visit
  22. How have you changed in past 2 years
  23. Favorite Summertime Movie and Why?
  24. Favorite Christmas Movie and Why?
  25. Goals for the next 30 days
  26. Your views on social media
  27. Views on social media breaks
  28. Which 4 social media’s do you use for blog
  29. One of your favorite shows growing up
  30. Favorite accomplishments



July Song Challenge

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Blog Challenge

In August 2017 I did a Music Challenge

I am posting the Challenge a little earlier this time so that maybe others will want to take this journey along with me. 

Here is the list I will follow beginning July 1 2018:

  1. Favorite song at this time last year
  2. Current favorite song
  3. A song you blast in the car
  4. 2  summertime songs
  5. A song from your favorite album
  6. A song that reminds you of someone
  7. A song that reminds you of somewhere
  8. Song with a color in the title
  9. First song you heard today
  10. Last song you heard around 2 p.m. today
  11. A song that you listen to when your angry
  12. A song that you listen to when your happy
  13. A song that makes you want to fall in love
  14. Favorite Old country female artist
  15. Favorite New country female artist
  16. A song for friendship
  17. Newest song introduced to you this year
  18. Favorite Old country male artist
  19. Favorite New country male artist
  20. A song you hear often on the radio
  21. A Love song by female artist
  22. A Love song by male artist
  23. A song about a car
  24. A song with a number in the title
  25. A song for your mother
  26. A song for your father
  27. A song from the 80’s
  28. A song from the 90’s
  29. A song no one would expect you to love
  30. 2 songs that describes you 

A Social Media Challenge

Blog Challenges


Today is June 17 2018 it is also Father’s Day.  For the next 30 days join me and take time to Detox from Social Media!!!!  Yes I know your gasping for air because that means not looking at your devices everyday…You can do this and take time to do some thinking and looking around at your world in a different perspective.

The Challenge begins today and goes until July 17 2018

Please let me know how you did if you take on this challenge ……Begin!!


Summertime Reading Challenge

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Summertime Reading 

Reading is one of my all time favorite ways to get through a quiet evening. Since we moved into the Cozy Condo about three years ago I haven’t been able to do a summer reading challenge at local library so this challenge really got me excited. 


Since the month of June is almost finished I will only list 15 books and together we will see how the summer goes for this midlife blogger.

  1. Eat Pray Love>>Elizabeth Gilbert
  2. Five Pages a Day: A Writer’s Journal>>Peg Kehret
  3. The Lieutenants>>Web Griffin
  4. Chains of Commands>>Dale Brown
  5. Shadow Dance>>Susan Anderson
  6. The Book Thief>>Markus Zasak
  7. Your Heart Belongs to Me>>Dean Koontz
  8. What the Night Knows>>Dean Koontz
  9. Secrets of A Sparrow>>Diana Ross
  10. The Battle of Britain>>Denis Richards
  11. Out on a Limb>>Shirley MacLaine
  12. Friendship for Grownups>>Lisa Whelchel
  13. Losing It>>Valerie Bertarelli
  14. Finding It>>Valerie Bertarelli
  15. Chopping Spree>>Diane Matt Davidson

Good luck to all the bloggers that join the Summer Reading