Extra Music šŸŽ¶Challenge

#Challenge #music 

In the middle of a 30 day music šŸŽ¶Challenge

A song that reminds you of your spouse or partner! 


My spouse that is now on oxygen and very sick is a country boy!!! He also ran Heavy Equipment for a living! 

When he was using a tractor šŸšœ to take care of our homestead I was always watching. I šŸ’˜maintain lawn. His gardens were always to much to handle but I’d do it all over again if he were able.

Not very often but once in a while he would have me come to construction sites to have lunch. I always enjoyed seeing how he earned the money to provide for his family.


Music šŸŽ¶Challenge

#Challenge #Music Day 19

Day 19 is a song I would play at my wedding! 

Well as a person who is about to celebrate 33years and didn’t have a traditional experience type wedding this challenge took some soul searching. 

After considering possibility of a song to walk down the aisle with or dance at reception?

I opted to choose reception and imagine walking across the floor toward each other.