New Beginnings


Happy 2017! Here it is January 10th already and yes my mind is thinking about telling the whole world that the girl has Gone Fishing not sure when she’s returning. The winds are gusting outside and rattling things all around.

New year brings New beginnings so they say, so one of my new beginnings is committing to writing at least one post a week. Would love to do a post a day but Care-giving does not always allow the time for such dreams. 

Another New beginnings is to learn more about the sport of fishing and learn to find an enjoyable way to do that alone. The things I need to explore are as follows;

  1. Experiment with different rods and reels
  2. Learning more about running our boats
  3. Learning the depths of our community lakes
  4. Experiment with different types of bait


Another New beginnings is more successful nature walks and picture taking.

Nature walks have become an enjoyable way to spend time outdoors, learning to explore alone when my adorable grandson isn’t here is the real challenge. A challenge I’m willing to take on in this new year. 

Well in conclusion New Beginnings is what 2017 will be all about; New Beginnings in my writing, New Beginnings with my favorite sport Fishing and New Beginnings in Nature Walks and Picture taking.

Wish me luck and stay tune for the Adventure of New Beginnings.

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