Welcome Home {A Book Review}

Another great read!

welcome-homeHospitality…what a beautiful and frightening word. It invokes feelings of all kinds. All of us can think of someone immediately who makes us feel warmly welcomed in their home, or even just in their presence. The act of hospitality brings safety to our hearts and is an expression of love…it truly is a gift to those who are the recipients of it.

As a young 20 year old, I remember, having left my mother’s house, realizing now I was responsible to “show hospitality.”  The pressure was on, and I felt unequipped and confused.  At the time I was stuck in the all too familiar “comparison trap.” My house didn’t look like hers, I hated cooking, my resources were limited, and I was truly a selfish young adult.

Somewhere along the way, I came across a beautiful book by Emilie Barnes called Welcome Home.  This book inspired me…

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