Organization: Today is the Day! – Emilie Barnes

Another Great blog for woman who are creative and love Emilie Barnes tips.

Finer Femininity


Organize your day with tips from Emilie Barnes and her book 101 Ways to Clean Out the Clutter !

Prevent Interruptions

Most people are interrupted at least once every five minutes. If this is true for you, analyze what’s causing those interruptions.

You and your situation are unique—the things that disrupt your day are different than the things that disrupt another’s day. If you haven’t studied this loss of time, become aware of it. You will be amazed at how much time is whittled away by these interruptions and disturbances.

Consider how to safeguard your time. There’s nothing wrong with telling people you can see them at 9:30, 12:15, or 6:40 exactly. Even family members can be taught not to interrupt.

Maybe you cause the interruptions by insisting on checking email every few minutes or answering your cell phone even when you are in the middle of something. If you…

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