Chasing The Holiday Spirit



As the caregiver listens to the small young man trying to convince his grandpa to put up a Christmas Tree before Thanksgiving, her mind wonders to a short ten years earlier. 

She has only loved two men in her lifetime, the first was her father a man that loved the holidays and passing on the spirit that came with Christmas. The tree was always up by Thanksgiving and not taking down before New Year’s Day. Christmas movies were a way to spend the evenings and even as an adult you just want to crawl under the Christmas tree to see what his creative mind found far your gifts. Growing up underneath the tree was never full but you could see the love.


The other was the man she married although a good man he was not into the holidays and actually loved the phrase uh hum bug. Sparking holiday spirit out of this man took some work. Especially when Christmas movies were turned on, it took the excitement of a child’s voice from the other room to cause him to peak at a movie but he loved stealing as many Christmas cookies as she could bake until he’s tummy ached.

Ten years earlier though the first man she loved went to heaven, while she watch them place him in a hole, other people called his last resting place; she dug dip into the hole of her heart. Buried Christmas and smiles and life as she knew it down deep. She managed to keep that hole shut for five years. Then her son announced he would be a Father. Her daughter said “MOM, this means you have a new life to teach the Christmas Spirit!” Although the hole in her heart has been opened, she wonders what the next hole will chase away.  Will it Chase away holiday spirit again or people? Time will tell all. 

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