New Life During Midlife; My Internet Branch!

 google-site-verification: google94ccd41f6130955c.html   That is what this Blog is ALL about. Adventure in the Midlife Stages.  These adventures include learning to live in a Community after raising the kids in a very seclude rural area. Learning to be self-sufficient while helping my husband with his disability. Also remodeling our cozy condo and MY culinary arts adventure…

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Fishing Everywhere

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Dad and Brother’s

Midlife causes you to think of how far you have come and where you want to go.

I have been fishing and camping since I was knee high to a grasshopper as the old saying goes. Dad took his family on a trip every summer. My best memories of dad include watching a huge fish caught on the tiny ugly stick, that he would not share with Anyone.

Anytime I am around a large amount of water, I think about the fish I could be catching.

My view last New Year’s in Myrtle Beach South Carolina

I woke up and went to sleep for 5 beautiful days with this view. I even called about chartering a boat, I so badly wanted to have an amazing fight. No fishing happened though, the man in my life needed to stay close to home. As I stated in the blog post Water Everywhere. wonder if I will return to the water.

Second Thoughts of Home

Daily Prompt Word

Second Thoughts



As she sits down in front of the screen after serving him yet another cup of morning coffee and watching him out on the deck, she can not help to think about the past few years. Downsizing twice and already experiencing him in the hospital once this year. He wants to go back home lately and she has Second Thoughts. 

What exactly is home anyway? The old saying is “Home is Where the Heart is” 


To him home seems to be a house sitting on seven acres away from as many people as possible. Although very quiet and beautiful, it is a great distance from town, hospitals, and society. He probably lives with Second Thoughts each day of even moving in the first place. He’s plan has always been to be there to death do us part.

To her home has always been a safe place for her husband and children to come back to after facing the world outside. A place to welcome friends and family and let them leave with a smile. She has always submitted to his decisions and stuck by his side even if a mistake was made. In the bible that is considered ” Love” 1 Corinthians 13. 


This time though her Second Thoughts float around like a War in Her Mind. She never wants to see death do us part come, who would but if God makes that choice; Second Thoughts cause her to think about being away from society and who would Remember she is away? 

Whispering Trees




She rises with the sun. As the teapot begins to boil, she stares out the window and hears her name being whispered in the air. She turns off the stove and walks outside as she drapes her favorite sweater over her shoulders.

As she walks down her favorite hiking path, she realizes it’s the trees whispering her name. This had never happened on any other walk she had taken. At first she felt as if she was loosing her mind. Then she sat upon the bench beneath her favorite oak tree. The tree was half full of beautiful fall colors. Then there it was again whispering above her head ” MidlifeNew, Everything will Fall into place.” As she looks up the prettiest Red Leaf fell upon her nose.