Faith and Time

As I sit here sipping on a warm drink and watching the sunrise, and listening to James Taylor’s Secret to Life in the background; I can not help thinking about Faith and Time.  Have you ever held a mustard seed? As a Culinary Student and as a women who is passionate about cooking I have. .  …

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World Outside


What is your part in the World Outside? Do you ever feel as if you have been given a Life Sentence yet not revealing that to Others.  In the dictionary the word Caregiver reads> a family member or paid helper who regularly looks after a child or a sick, elderly, or disabled person. Caregiver seems to be my part in the World Outside and at times feels like a Life Sentence.   I have no regrets of giving my time and love and patience to the ones I have been a caregiver for, just curious of the World Outside I have missed.  Some people say ” she’s to strong for her own good.” Some people know she has a heart that will crash in due time.    How will those pieces be gathered back up? Will the World Outside except her when the Heart is mended back together?


Sidewalk to long

Looking at a sidewalk everyday you think things such as; at least I’m not walking in mud or maybe who clears the wintry stuff that will soon fall.

But when you’re a care-giver of someone with lung disease, you must look at this sidewalk as an obstacle in their lives. I am always the positive one here at home, I see it as the path I must walk to remove the garbage from my home and to get over to the mailboxes. A spouse with lung disease sees it as a very mile long hike to get to his vehicle, although it is actually three minutes to the dumpster and back to our front door. Walking down this sidewalk is actually a good thing, if he would just consider at least he is not stuck in bed yet.



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