Excitement about Learning

Today’s daily prompt is Learning


Part of being a Culinary Student is learning knife skills and doing food art. The above picture is actually a radish turned into a swan. In class we were taught to make the swans out of apples. Apples fit nicely into your hands and are easy to work with because of the size. My instructor said that he wish someone would try a radish, they are so much smaller. I for one love challenges and to challenge people to do their best. So it took me just about 25 minutes to complete this radish swan on the first attempt. Culinary is such a fun class for creative people.  Do you like Challenges? Are you a Creative type ? 



Mona Lisa’s Eyes

Midlife brings so many changes.  On this early Monday morning as I sip my tea and listen to the birds greet the morning I  realize this Mona Lisa’s Eyes no longer follow the things she did just last month.  Our little community is busy with school and work again.  Everybody seems ready for Fall.  I…

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Dreams or Nightmares 

Dreams that become possible nightmares.  Waking up from a vivid dream usually gets a heart pumping and the brain working.  Especially if you are trying to get to the top of a mountain.   Was it because of thinking everything is going to smooth or fears that plague you during Midlife?  One will never know…

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