Clock is Ticking


Here we are the middle of July. August will arrive in no Time. Fall is a favorite season for me. Time to get ready to  bunker down while the Clock ticks by the passing of winter. Each neighbor doing their own things and wondering when they will see each other again. 

Preparing for the holiday season to arrive. Lots of baking and homemade gifts being prepared, keeping a watchful eye and ear open to hear about all the deer hunters and their journey through the deer season. The Clock has shown how much time has pasted since the season before.  






Storm of Emotions

 It has been a week full of Emotions; Almost like a Storm brewing inside. Nurturing and giving is an easy thing for me to do, but being the caregiver to my spouse has stirred up storms of mixed emotions.  Either we are laughing because we are too young to be going through such a trial in our marriage or I’m feeling as if the world has left me behind while I am inside these walls.