Exploring The Soul

Walking and Soul Searching

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This Girl’s Life Journey 

One Girls Journey

First born to young couple

Fifth grandchild to he’s parents

First to her’s

Oldest of three

Mom’s illness causes her to

become an adult age twelve

young bride at seventeen

mother of two at age twenty-three

fatherless at age thirty-nine

Ten years later Life’s Journey is always Questionable!!



Smooth Sailing

If a couple consists of one pessimist and one optimistic person you would not think anything could as they say be considered Smooth Sailing. Surprisingly that is the kind of couple we are, I am a very optimistic person and he is a very pessimistic person.  

Standing out on our Cozy Condo deck is an excellent example. He sees a parking lot and a building as his only view and that is what he tells people on the phone. I on the other hand have seen Cardinal birds chasing each other and the same squirrel play on the roof of the other building for days and the sun rising and setting over the hill makes for great cover pictures. As far as smooth sailing goes though, we both agree whenever the deck gets finished it will be comfortable to read on and blog on and entertain special people in our lives. 

smooth sailing