Mom’s Personality Touched Many

The woman that Completed Her Journey last year was not even supposed to see her daughter become a mother or a grandmother but her strong will and her faith in her God changed those circumstances.

Things were not always a dream come true for this woman but she made the best out of everyday. She was married to a great guy with one addiction….Alcohol. Addictions such as alcohol can make a home not so happy at times. In 1979 she faced trauma head on when she was faced with a 10 hour surgery and 50/50 chance to survive. She spent the night praying, praying to live and change her children’s lives.

God answered that prayer and she survived 39 years after that surgery. She held every grandchild and unlike her husband she held every great grandchild too. Our children and grandchildren tell everyone they had a Grandmother who they should of never met but learned to be stronger people because she was blessed with an answer from God.

Summertime is especially important to Live Healthy

Hello to my followers,

Welcome back!! I hope your staying cool or warm depending where you are from or visiting today. Summertime is especially important to live healthy. As I expressed on Living Naturally I do attempt to live as natural as possible.

2019 pool season
2019 lake time

I have already received compliments about my skin and age. In future Post I will share things that worked.

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks again for visiting!!

Summertime Fashion!!! Revealing I am a fan!

Today on this midlife blog I reveal that I am a fan of fashion blogs!!  I love the colors of 2019 and although I do NOT have the pleasure of shopping to my hearts content ( honestly I’m not sure a woman’s ūüíĚ can be content with just shopping). I wanted to share 2 blogs I am currently enjoying. They are sharing 25 days of summer fashion!

  1. Grace and Beauty

  2. Modern Everyday Style

Let them know what you think and comment below if you enjoy fashion blogs also.

Thank you for visiting todayūüć∑ūüĆĻ

Life, Social Media and Future exploring!

” When you‚Äôve got 5 minutes to fill, Twitter is a great way to fill 35 minutes.‚ÄĚ ‚Äď Matt Cutt Pinterests just might occupy your time a little longer but the above quote says it all. In 2016 I explained about Life Before Social Media and asked Have you ever yearned for your life before…

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Reminders of the Purpose!!

#Memorialday #Soldiers #Service #Country #USA From our home to yours; Remember to take a moment to remember.

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May’s Arrival brings changes in Life!

Good evening to my Readers, April blogging was put on back burner for caregiver reasons. It will probably continue to be slow here for the month of May ūüôŹ. My spouse’s health is changing once again. To keep my mind busy I have completed the 2019/2020 color change board for the Cozy Condo Also take…

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Does Every Generation; Need To Follow The Same Rules of rejection?

April Prompts

Does every generation; Need to follow the same rules of rejection?

Every generation experiences new types of music and movies, but what about how you handle rejection? Does it need to always be someone walking away or someone shutting down? 

The third course in April Wine’s Just Between You and Me,¬†¬†states these lyrics

Words are sometimes hard to find”
The silence can be so unkind
You always help me find my way
The love that we share
Grows stronger each day

I agree that sometimes words are sometimes hard to find…..why not try to practice in a journal or letter?

I also agree Silence is so unkind…maybe for both sexes?

My point is if the Love is strong enough why not help each other find the way to grow stronger or make it hurt less?


Music Lover’s Explorer: Return of Vinyl Records!

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Opposites Attract Challenge


Welcome to the Opposites Attract Challenge!

For this challenge, I provide one word and a list of its antonyms. The challenge is to use the prompt word AND one (or more) of its antonyms in some form of writing (or creative work).

Explore the word and its opposite … challenge your creative side


Today’s word: stentorian
Antonyms: gentle, low, soft

If you are a Midlife Music Lover, you may have gotten excited to see Vinyl Records back on the shelfs. I remember going to the record store as a teenager and hearing the stentorian of music in the background asking who the band was if I had not heard the song yet.

Now you walk into a department store and head through to the electronic department and although there is music coming from the¬† speakers…it is more of a gentle lower decimal of sounds.¬†

Music & Song Lyrics Resources Post

Do you love music as much as I do? Do you just listen or really get into the lyrics? Do you play an instrument? I have played the flute growing up and took guitar lessons during my teenage years. Please share your music experience in comments.

This posts¬†will hopefully bring you new inspirations and resources! Let’s get started.

  1. Baby Boomer HeadQuartersThe title speaks for it’s self. Most of us Midlifer’s have grown up with some of the best music out there, although new artist surprise me all the time.¬†
  2. Sheet Music Plus…¬†They are A+ Rating Better Business Bureau Accreditted Business. Sheet Music for everyone.
  3. Kids Com…¬†Virtual Worlds for Kids. Summer time is around the corner and grandparents need resources.¬†
  4. Mud CatI saved this one for last. I have just started browsing and warning…you will be here for a while.

I really hope I have inspired you with these resources and apppreciate any links shared in comments.  Have a wonderful, blessed week ahead!!


Thoughts on generations: 3 Widow’s during my Life Time


Image by adamkontor from Pixabay

Although the above picture is not this Midlife Blogger, I was a very young bride and then mother.  Through out my life I have known several widows. Some related and some not related. 

Each have left lasting memories and lessons in my mind. Today I will share thoughts on 3 of the Widow’s during my life time.

  1. The first Widow was not related by blood, but was a dear church family member and a women that each of us women admired. Before she became a widow, she started a church in Belarus. She kept in contact monthly with her missonaries and updated our church every quarter.  After her spouse passed away and she began to live her life as a widow, she traveled to see the church she helped get started. She enjoys this traveling and she enjoys a life lead by God. The lesson learned was to let God lead the way and life will not change unless you help change it.
  2. The second Widow I will speak to you about is my grandmother. ¬† (My father’s mother). That was a remarkable woman, although I did not know her well as a little girl; I spent time as an adult with this woman and learned and watched closely. She laid her own father to rest when I was a young bride and mother. Then she laid her husband to rest a few years later. She did not drive, but she enjoyed life. Everyone took out as often as possible or we would show up at her door and be greeted with a smile. The bowl of candy on the table was never empty and tea time with my grandmother was always full of wisdom. Before my grandmother passed away five years ago, she laid to rest another man. My father was the first child that she said goodbye to in her life time. The lesson learned is that God takes home many people before you sometimes, keep your faith and never take life for granted.
  3. By now you are sitting there knowing that the third widow is my mother. She was a widow for 12 years. Although she was disabled ( Mom’s still here!) She was an intelligent woman. Enjoyed life and she did not drive either but we took her out and we enjoyed every day with her until  (Her Journey Is Complete). She was one remarkable women. The life time lesson learned here is that whatever trials God brings into your life, your faith and survival skills will get you through each day.


As I sip my tea while leaning back in this desk chair, I watched my spouse today who has worsened in the past 3 years. I think about what the season of widowhood has instore for myself? What sorts of journies await? What sorts of people will cross my path? Will I stay in Missouri or begin a brand new life somewhere else?

When God decides on the day to take my spouse home, he will then have both of my parents and my spouse of 34 years. Stay tuned for new seasons of adventure. 

Keeper Of Her Own Heart

April Prompts

Image by annca from Pixabay


As a young bride 

She gave her heart away

As the years went by 

She learned to carry a key

To be the keeper of Her Own Heart



Flowering Fields of Fortune and Future.

April Prompts

Sitting in a flowering field and allowing the sun to warm her skin, watching nature take its course, butterflies and other insects not even minding that she as taken a seat in the Flowering Fields of Fortune and Future. Remembering the conversations of recent times and drifting off with fantasies of events in the flowering fields of fortune and future.

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay 


Versatile Blogger Award: 27th March

Many Thanks to Pensitivity 101 for nominating me for The Versatile Blogger Award.


( Rules 1 and 2)

The Rules
1. Thank the person who gave you the award. ‚ąö
2. Include a link to their blog. ‚ąö
3. Select 7 blogs/bloggers that you‚Äôve recently discovered or follow regularly.‚ąö
4. Nominate those bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award.‚ąö
5. Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself. ‚ąö


(Rules 3 and 4)

I enjoy several types of blogs, Music, Midlife, Books, Poetry, Etc…

I would like to nominate these 7 Blogs/Bloggers

A Soldiers Walk

Lorieb ( Gardening)

The Tattooed Book Geek (Music)

The Middle Years

The Dihedral ( Outdoors)

Keith Garrett Poetry

Chef Murph


Rule 5

Now to share 7 things about myself with pensitivity101

  1. I have been cooking at the stove since the age of 8, when my father taught me how to make pancakes for my siblings. 
  2. I have blue eyes and have Cherokee Indian in my heritage 
  3. I once participated in a Live Demo for Culinary Class using my knife skills
  4. I perfer Tea over Coffee any day of the year
  5. I Love to go Camping in a tent, although the 34 years of marriage has lead to camping in cabins
  6. I perfer Sunsets over Sunrises
  7. I perfer Baking over Cooking but my favorite symester in Culinary was International Cuisine. 

Thank you once again pensitivity101 for the nomination





( Rule 5)


5 Culinary Resources You May Have Overlooked

5 Culinary Resources You May Have Overlooked.

  1. American SpiceIf you love to cook and perfer to shop from home or maybe looking for something specific. 
  2. Star ChefsChefs and Food Articles and interests will be found on Star Chefs.
  3. WineRather your new to the Wine World or looking for new Inspiration. 
  4. Far Away Foods…¬†Another food shopping site for the cook in your life.
  5. Gourmet Shop…¬†Everything a Chef would want at home or away.

the grill man
Photo by Kaboompics .com on

Midlife brings questions Like; “Haven’t you done that enough?”

Story Starter Challenge

Midlife brings questions like; ” Haven’t you done enough? or ” Don’t you think you are too strong for your own good?”¬†

My answer to both of the questions is¬† “No! I Can Do Hard Things”

Life has not really ever been a bowl of cherries and challenges of Love and disappointment  are present everyday. I was raised by a strong generation of women and I will continue to make them proud. 


Caregiver Responsibilites,Emotions, and Thoughts Changing

The COPD is changing once again. Which causes the caregiver, Responsibilities,  Emotions, and Thoughts to change. 



April is fast approaching and storm season will be upon us. Caregiver’s fear on a rainy night have heightened, his 02 numbers drop a little faster these days even with changes to his diet and routine. 

Being Overwhelmed by Solitude is an understatement these days. The caregiver now eats alone two out of three meals and keeps busy in the condo most of the day alone as he sleeps.

After he has awoken and she once again is nearby for the struggles and changes, she can not help to think about Emotions By The Water.


In the midst of sadness and despair

February Prompts


In the midst of sadness and despair;

bubble baths are amazing!!

She sinks her body into the warmest, soapiest bath she can handle.

Induldges in pampering herself

drifting off with deep thoughts about life and the future.

Thoughts of loved ones passing away

also friends walking away

all wash down the drain until…

the midst of sadness and despair return again. 

She Saw An Ocean Once In Her Life

The Ocean

She looked out from the balcony

Rise and fall of the waves

Invited her to walk along its shore

A mile in half down the beach

She reached the pier

Not open this time of year

Yet the young man

Snapped the picture for memories

2015 @midlifeNew 1st visit to South Carolina


Limiting My Time On Social Media Caused 10 Surprising Results For January

2019 Monthly Prompts
January is always a great opportunity to explore new adventures, habits and yes routines. This January I limited my time on social media and it caused 10 surprising results:

  1. I actually only hold real conversations with 10 people on an average during the week. Some of those people I could just as easily text and catch up.
  2. Lowering my data plan to Improve my budget savings, cut down on notifications going off on my phone. Most apps like facebook, twitter, and a couple of games are now on my tablet, which is used in my home wifi.
  3. I have not been looking at the day to day negativity or posts that are posted without checking the facts, helps me stay mindful of how I feel each day.
  4. Morning and Evening routines are less interrupted due to knowing I logged off for the day.
  5. Towards the end of January, I realized I wasn’t dealing with remembering several passwords during my busy days.
  6. Because of an article called…Senior Executives get more sleep, I am sleeping better from not starring at a screen late at night.
  7. Last week of January I did not have much of an urge to even sign into social media.
  8. My days stay productive and my goals get met.
  9. I have been able to retain more information from news articles and from articles pertaining to my passions.
  10. On this last day of January, I have concluded that all my social media accounts need a Huge change to co-exist with my blog and future writing adventures.

Did you give limiting your time on social media a try for January?
If you did, please pingback and share with all of us.

Friday’s Music and Why It topped My Charts In 2018

As my reader’s know Mom passed away during the holiday season, Her Journey Is Complete My parents taught us many things while growing up. One thing they taught us is to finish the job. The day after Mom passed away and the day before laying her to rest next to my father…I had to clean her room at the nursing home and take everything to my storage to go through soon. As I put the last box in the suv and closed the hatch…I thought about my “to do” list shortening now.¬†

As I turned the moter on to head home this song began to play and I sat in the parking lot…through the whole song thinking, Mom got the last word once again!!


Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

She rattled the ice in my plastic cup
I said “yes m’am”, fill her up
Tell me something good that I don’t know
‘Cause this world’s been kicking my behind
Life ain’t been a friend of mine
Lately I’ve been feeling kinda low
And she looked back over her shoulder
Pointed at the sign hanging up on the wall
It said
Everything’s gonna be alright
Everything’s gonna be alright
And nobody’s gotta worry ’bout nothing
Don’t go hittin’ that panic button
It ain’t worth spilling your drink
Everything’s gonna be alright
Alright, alright
So I nodded my head and said, “that’s for sure”
Dropped a few bucks in the mason jar
Felt those good old neon vibes on me
And whatever monkey that was on my back
He jumped off just like that
Right into the deep blue sea
And I looked back over her shoulder
Thinking ’bout the sign hanging up on the wall
That said
Everything’s gonna be alright
Everything’s gonna be alright
Nobody’s gotta worry ’bout nothing
Don’t go hitting that panic button
It ain’t near as bad as you think
Everything’s gonna be alright
Alright, alright
There ain’t no doubt it’s gonna work out
Come on, sing it with me
There ain’t no doubt it’s gonna work out
Come on and sing it with me
Everything’s gonna be alright
Everything’s gonna be alright
And nobody’s gotta worry ’bout nothing
Don’t go hitting that panic button
It ain’t near as bad as you think
Everything’s gonna be alright
Alright (is gonna be alright), alright (is gonna be alright)
Everything’s gonna be alright
Alright (is gonna be alright), alright (is gonna be alright)
(Everything’s gonna be alright)
(Is gonna be alright, is gonna be alright)
(Everything’s gonna be alright)
(Is gonna be alright, is gonna be alright)
For non-commercial use only.
Data From: LyricFind

A Blogger’s Workspace In Cozy Condo.

#Challenge #bloggers #Chefs #Quilters #crafters #gardener #plants
A person who is full of creativity and who has been told they are creative, needs to have space to sit down and express the creativeness when the moment hits them, rather they are; writer’s, chef’s, quitters, crafters or even plant enthusiasts.
I #challenge you to share and pingback your favorite creativity spots in your home.

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Priorities For Successful Morning Routine

Do you have a morning routine?

Morning with @MidlifeNew

Do you have something that is a priority so that the morning routine is successful?
My answer to both questions is Yes!!
My #1 Priority to a successful Morning routine and a happy attitude all day long starts the night before. My #1 Priority is to wake-up and walk into a clean kitchen..

Kitchen in morning
@MidlifeNew’s Kitchen in morning

Walking into a clean kitchen puts a welcoming smile upon my face because each day is a new day, to experience or experiment with new adventures. I have always been that way but honestly since Her Journey Is Complete and The Man in the Chair could pass away when those lungs decide not to fight any longer, he sleeps more each day it seems. I have learned to get up and start my day successful and prepared.
Morning routine once in a while changes but not to often;

  • Rise about 5:00 am Central Time
  • Take care of Hygiene & Take the vitamins
  • Walk into that clean kitchen with a smile
  • Start the teapot and choose an herbal tea
  • Turn on the music that fits my mood and begin to plan the day

Beginning to plan the day also includes decisions on dinner and prepping if needed to have dinner at a decent time of evening. Today that consisted of using the crock-pot.
Do you use a crock-pot even if your going to be home all day?
I do and that post will show up later with the recipe for my Country Style Ribs….

She Sat In The Diner; The Storm Raged In Her Mind


January Prompts
She sat In the Diner; the storm raged in her mind and her cup of coffee. The storm raged on without any hope of being saved on that terrible day.
The day began beautifully with him inviting her on the sailboat for a day on the water and picnic on the island. Two hours out the laughter turned to fear as the couple faced winds, rain, and waves bouncing against the boat. The only choice he had was to make it to the lighthouse, where they could rest for the night.

The Best of Review. is just about three years old and it is time for reviews and my personal favorites.¬† There are six top posts for the past couple of years. They are as follows…

  1. Overwhelmed by Solitude
  2. Tangled up writer’s life!!
  3. Bridges of Life
  4. Her Journey Is Complete
  5. The Fallen Angel
  6. A lifetime of laughter could have saved them all.

Out of these top six posts, I have three favorites…



Behind the Scenes

  Good morning, new year brings changes to Cozy Condo and new inspiration to work space. Let’s take a look at past couple years… The above picture is the living room for two years and I made changes for the New Year…. Very open atmosphere now. When I have guess and need to work; I…

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2019 Monthly Prompts

2019 Writing Prompts:
Blogging is so much inspiring when we support one another. Please leave feedback and Pingback your posts so I can be inspired and keep caught up with my favorites




  1. January– Limiting my time on Social Media caused surprising results.
  2. February– Cupids appear around every corner.
  3. March– She sat by the water, wishing for warmth.
  4. April– His solution for the two being caught outdoors with a broken umbrella
  5. May– Mom’s personality was the thermostat of the home.
  6. June– The memory of a father always returns
  7. July– The lights in the sky were signs of the end of another summer break.
  8. August– Harvest time cluttered the counters for days
  9. September– She gets inspired & excited looking at vibrant fall colors in the woods
  10. October– Pumpkins everywhere I turn.
  11. November– My graditude grew from a _____ to a ______?
  12. December– The year the Christmas colors changed.


A lifetime of laughter could have saved them all.

January Prompts


Internet Picture



Outside the bedroom window, the wind was howling

On the nightstand burned a lavender scented candle

Draped on the chair, a rose print robe hung elegantly

They laid there breathless, knowing the secret cure.

A lifetime of laughter in the bedroom could have saved them all. 


Copyright 2019

Welcoming Spirit, Life in the Kitchen & Hospitality

” I love hospitality, and I love cooking. The kitchen is where I feel most at ease and where I feel most like myself.”—Geoffrey Zakarian¬†


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  1. Welcoming Spirit
  2. Life in the Kitchen
  3. Hospitality


Welcoming Spirit:

¬† ¬†” Every house where loves abides’ And friendship is a guest Is surely home and home, sweet home For there the heart can rest.”—Henry Van Dyke

     Do you still have a welcoming spirit in your home? Does your home greet you the single person or the family with comfort and welcoming or with chaos?  Take a moment and enter your front door and ask yourself for the new year ahead am I being welcomed from the chaos of the world or am I coming home to more chaos? Even if you are a single man or single father, coming home to chaos is just one more thing to deal with before you can truly relax. 


Life in the Kitchen:

¬†” I am beginning to see that the things that matter take place not in the board rooms, but in the kitchens of the world.”—Gary Sledge¬†

     Life in the kitchen is always an adventure, rather your an at home cook, restaurant cook or even a host of a cooking show on Food Network.  Lessons will be learned and taught. Mistakes will be made and corrected. Is your kitchen ready for a brand new year? Are you ready for a change?

I reorganized all my cabinets before Christmas after researching the kind of skills I wanted to focus on for 2019 and knowing that I always receive culinary gifts for Christmas such as pictured in the slideshow above.



I asked you all last year¬† Is Hospitality a thing of the past?¬† I personally do not think it’s a thing of the past, just not as important maybe with all this social media and smartphone use these days.¬† I personally still turn my smartphone on silence and stick it in a drawer until my company has left. ¬†

Let me ask you, Are you so hooked on social media that you can not be around your phone? I challenge you the reader to take two nights in 2019 put the phone away and show some hospitality to a special person. 

” There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.”—Henry James

Another Chance: Beginnings & Adventures

7 Days until 2019



 Another Chance: Beginnings & Adventures!!  The person behind the pen is very excited for new beginnings & adventures! I truly believe that Life is an Adventure!!!  As a midlife person there are Life Adventures: annoy the fire out of this caregiver.  This journey has been a Tangled up writer’s life!! I have more Culinary Adventures to go and more Friday’s What I used to think_____; What I think Now____________ issues to express and I promise you I will always be Journaling at the end of the day!


Have A Fantastic 2019!!!!



Brand New Year & Real Good Tan


Merry Christmas 2018!!!

A brand New Year is just about here and Yes All I wanted for Christmas was a Real Good Tan.  I did not get that wish forfilled but lots of new plans & goals for the blog in 2019 have me excited and inspired!! 

May God Bless you and your families with the best Christmas Ever!!



Christmas Movies Bring ; Questions of the Day

#Midlife #Questions #Christmas 

  1. Have you ever thought ” you were born older?”¬†
  2. Do you think the best things happen while you’re dancing?
  3. Do you ever think about what your parents remembered?
You were born older

Have you ever thought “you were born older?”

I have watched It’s A Wonderful Life for a few decades now, 2018 is the first time I actually heard what the father says to George.¬† ” You were born older” ¬†

Have you ever thought “you were born older?

If you offered me a cup of tea and asked me ” Have you ever thought you were born older?”¬† Well, I definitely believe I would say Yes. ¬†

Do you think the best things happen while you’re¬† dancing?

The best things happen while you’re dancing

If you brought a drink to my table and smiled as you asked;¬† ” Do you think the best things happen while you’re dancing?” I would answer ” Maybe with the right person.”

Do you ever think about what your parents remembered?

Christmas Memories

Do you ever think about what your parents remembered?  This is a question I would love to have answers to for sure.   Which Christmas do you think was most memorable for your parents? Since both of my parents are in heaven now, I can not ask them this question, but what I can do is answer the question this year for my two adult children.

I challenge you to do one or both of these things this Christmas!!

December Baking 2018

#Challenge #Christmas #Baking 

@MidlifeNew and internet creation

December is a favorite time of the year for sweet treats!!!  19 days until Christmas, Let’s put some smiles on our loved ones faces!!!

  1. Pumpkin Spice Donut Holes
  2. Any Christmas Flavor Bread Pudding
  3.  Any Christmas Flavor Mug Cake
  4. Holiday Sweet Rolls
  5. 2 Christmas Quick Breads for gifts
  6. 3 Types of Christmas Cookies
  7. A Chocolate Recipe from your favorite Food Network Show 
  8. Any Christmas Flavor Breakfast Pastery
  9. Christmas  Apple Pie
  10. Christmas Brownies
  11. 3 more Types of Christmas Cookies for gifts
  12. Christmas Gingerbread Creation 
  13. Christmas Flavor Rugelach
  14. 2 More Christmas Quick Breads for gifts

Days 15-19

  • 15  Show off Creative gift container idea for Quick Breads
  • 16 Show off Creative gift container idea for Cookies
  • 17 Pick 2 of your recipes above and Create Gift Jars
  • 18 Put the Finish touch on Gifts and Share
  • 19 Have a Very Merry Christmas and Add comments and links in comments

Dear Reader’s and Follower’s


Dear Reader’s and Follower’s,

2018 is soon coming to an end, and to my reader’s and follower’s I send you thank you and prayers for 2018 and I hope with all my heart that your 2019 is the best ever!!




Her Journey Is Complete


Her journey began on a Tuesday morning in September. Born in Washington DC. 

A baby girl then journies through 72 years of life. Along this path she graduates high school, Meets her soulmate, Gave birth to 3 children.

Survived a brain anerysum in 1979 at age 33. Her children were ages 10, 11, and I myself was 12.  Those children helped her get through her remaining 39 years of life.

She shared in her children’s joy and sorrow as they grew up and married and presented her with 5 grandchildren. Each grandchild was placed into her arms and she shared many many hugs.

Then after 42 years married to her soulmate she layed him to rest

Through the next 12 years the 5 grandchildren presented her with 4 great-grandchildren as she approached her 70’s.

Her journey was completed in November 2018 knowing in her heart her family was strong survivors and she had completed her promises to God on that long night before surgery.


November Coming To A Close

#bloglikecrazy #seasons #holidays #baking #culinary


Pumpkin Bliss Bite 2018
Pumpkin Bliss Bites 2018

Seven days left of November and Thirty-eight days until a new year!!  I hope your Thanksgiving was fantastic!!!   I hope all your wishes come through in 2019!!

This Thanksgiving was full of new recipes and creativity!! Pumpkin & Gingersnap Parfaits were on the dessert menu, and homemade Cranberry Sauce was a hit for dinner menu!

Pumpkin Bliss Bites 2018
Pumpkin & Gingersnap Parfaits 2018


Pumpkin & Gingersnap Parfaits was a recipe I found in ” First For Women” Magazine and I tweaked it just a little.¬†

1 (15 oz.) can pumpkin puree, 3/4 cup maple syrup,  1 orange juiced,

2 tsp. pumpkin pie spice divided, 1/2 cup pecans toasted, 12 gingersnap cookies,

2 cups whipped cream

In a saucepan over medium heat, whisk pumpkin puree, syrup, 1/2 cup orange juice, and 1 tsp. pumpkin pie spice.  Bring to a simmer; cook 20 minutes. In a processor, pulse pecans, cookies, and remaining pie spice until crumbly. In each of 6 dessert glasses, layer pumpkin butter whipped cream and gingersnap crumbs as desired.

Above recipe is the original recipe in the magazine, I changed the crumbs and used a German cookie called Pfeffernusse, I personally love the taste of these cookies and they gave a unique taste to my parfaits. 

2018 Homemade Cranberry Sauce
@MidlifeNew’s Cranberry Sauce

Thanksgiving Cranberry Sauce

The above link will take you to the recipe for Cranberry Sauce.

The Ultimate Lesson; 4 Ways Life Challenged Me to be strong

#bloglikecrazy #Midlife #Life #Challenge
Imagine for a moment…sitting in a chair in the dark all alone; your mind begins to wander through the ultimate lessons life challenges have brought your way. Which ones stick out to cause you to realize you have learned to become stronger because of those challenges?

Yesterday was Thanksgiving 2018 and after everyone was gone and kitchen completely clean, I did just that…sat alone in a chair, in the dark and began to think about 4 Ways Life Challenged Me to be strong.
Growing up as a child of an alcoholic father who at times shared his anger in loud physical ways, caused this girl to spend many years as an Introvert.
1. The above Life Challenge taught me to seek out ways to express myself and reinvent who I actually was created to be in this world.
Almost losing my mom when I was 12 due to a brain surgery that lasted 10 hours with a 50/50 chance to survive due to a brain aneurysm and then again in my 50’s almost lose her to blood clots passing through her heart and lungs…caused this girl to make adult decisions even when she should have been outside playing.
2. The above Life Challenge taught me to appreciate every day that God gives you to Love and be Loved and not to take any day for granted!!
At the age of 17, I married my first serious boyfriend and within a few years became aware that there was a different type of abuse in the world besides the physical abuse I grew up with at home. It’s Emotional abuse and in many ways that is the worst way to spend a life. They teach you that repeating things will help you learn it, well if someone tells you for years you are a certain type of person you begin to believe what their saying is true.
3. The above Life Challenge taught me once again to express myself and take action, even if that meant standing up to the person with tough love or just walking away.
{ Tough love was the route I approached, but there are days I still think about walking away.}
At the midlife age of 51 I hold many roles; Daughter, Wife, Mother, Grandmother. All four roles come with Caregiving, Guidance, and Support to get through the day to day activities to live another day. Being a 24/7 caregiver for a spouse in the last stage of a lung disease called COPD comes with many challenges and sometimes thoughts of just throwing up your hands and walking away.
4. The above Life Challenge taught me that every day someone will count on you for support, rather it is physical or emotional be the best person you know how to be.
In conclusion; 4 Ways Life Challenged Me to be strong
The above Life Challenge taught me to seek out ways to express myself and reinvent who I actually was created to be in this world.
The above Life Challenge taught me to appreciate every day that God gives you to Love and be Loved and not to take any day for granted!!
The above Life Challenge taught me once again to express myself and take action, even if that meant standing up to the person with tough love or just walking away.
The above Life Challenge taught me that every day someone will count on you for support, rather it is physical or emotional be the best person you know how to be.

I’m in my Midlife Era Playlist!!

#bloglikecrazy #playlists #music #midlife Midlife Era is full of emotions. If your a caregiver for a spouse, emotions and thoughts are with you every day and night about your future!!!

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Journaling at the end of the day!

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As the long dreary day comes to an end, everyone is fast asleep. She relaxes near a window and begins to place her thoughts on paper. The day was full of conversations and images everywhere she went and the only way to rest her weary eyes was to share her thoughts inside the covers of her fantastic journal!

adolescent-adult-ballpen-261617Inside the covers of her fantastic journal, she could reveal herself and her thoughts without judgements or comments.  She could reveal how life was now, compared to her future. She can reveal her fears and her dreams about her future trips.

Journaling at the end of the day keeps her mind clear to begin a new journey tomorrow.



Tangled up writer’s life!!

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The Person Behind the Pen has been writing in journals since her teenage years. One of the Things this Midlife Woman Enjoys!!! About three years ago she deactivated her website of Encouragement and began an adventure in blogging. She has in the past been told she should write a book after bringing a College English Professor to tears with a true event essay about the biggest life-changing event in her childhood.
Since the beginning of this blog, I have experienced a Tangled up writer’s life!! Tangled up with life events, personal stress, and accomplishments. Journaling is still my go-to release when I have thoughts that just need to be written down.

Internet image

As a Midlife adult with not a lot of me time, I just absolutely love sitting up late at night writing down my thoughts until I can barely keep my eyes open. The past couple years I have met several interesting people, some are #bloggers & #writers like myself, some are #photographers who really appreciate that they get credit for their work just as you do for your writing.
A Tangled up writer’s life is nothing if not interesting. Writer’s get inspired by all sorts of materials.

Bridges of Life

A bridge forms a connection between two things. Age can be represented as bridges in our lifetime.¬† Certain ages connect who we are to whom we will become. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Steven Minardi ( photographer )¬† In a lifetime if you are giving the blessing of living past your sixties.¬† ( I lost…

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Overwhelmed by Solitude

Strawberry Cheesecake Bar Special in SC.


At this stage of Midlife and being a caregiver for a spouse with lung disease I am always Overwhelmed with Solitude. There is two specific reasons for this Overwhelming feeling.

First of all the sadness¬†of future solitude. There are days I can not even look at couples holding hands or even pictures of friends out on dates. ¬†I don’t say a thing, just smile. It isn’t their fault or even jealousy, it just part of facing the future of solitude. At this stage of care-giving¬†you have a thousand secret thoughts each day.¬†

Second of the two is my personal Solitude, I absolutely appreciate sitting by the lake all alone with a good book or just my thoughts. The Overwhelmed part of Solitude here is the guilt. Thought of do I deserve this time in the sun by the water while my spouse sits inside on oxygen.  

Well I imagine you have come to the conclusion that each day solitude for a care-giver is overwhelming. Overwhelmed of thoughts of being alone the rest of your days or thoughts of if I don’t get to have solitude soon, I will be no good for anyone. ¬†Are you a caregiver for a spouse? Do you struggle with overwhelmed thoughts of solitude? Feedback would be very helpful at these stages.




Over Half Century Old & A new fallen snow

March Prompts

Imagine cold wintry night, snow is falling outside, the wind is brisk and whistling. Coyotes are howling in the distance. While inside a woman settles down for the night. A comfy chair in front of a roaring fire. As she stares into the roaring fire it comes to her mind, She is about to turn an age people refer to as being over a half-century old. That means she has lived half of her life, wondering what the other half has in store. 

As she sits and stares into that fire with thoughts of becoming a half-century old. He is across the room admiring how she still looks amazing. She has taken care of herself. He does not see the thoughts clouding her mind. In her mind, she sees herself as an old woman. Old women turn a half-century old is the thought clouding her mind. Old women do not get stared at from across the room as she catches his view from the side of her eyes. Is he seeing her thoughts and afraid to approach a woman a half-century old or is he waiting patiently for her to approach as she has done in the past? The silence lingers in the room warmth by the fire as they retire for the evening.  




Island During Midlife

Feeling like an Island at the age of 49 may sound crazy to some, but this stage of life for me is just that crazy. ¬†Midlife has caused me to feel just like a lonely odd Island. ¬†My husband is only five years older and has chronic health issues. ¬†Yes, it is true as one…

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