She Saw An Ocean Once In Her Life

The Ocean She looked out from the balcony Rise and fall of the waves Invited her to walk along its shore A mile in half down the beach She reached the pier Not open this time of year Yet the young man Snapped the picture for memories  

Limiting My Time On Social Media Caused 10 Surprising Results For January

2019 Monthly Prompts January is always a great opportunity to explore new adventures, habits and yes routines. This January I limited my time on social media and it caused 10 surprising results: I actually only hold real conversations with 10 people on an average during the week. Some of those people I could just as … Continue reading Limiting My Time On Social Media Caused 10 Surprising Results For January

A Blogger’s Workspace In Cozy Condo.

#Challenge #bloggers #Chefs #Quilters #crafters #gardener #plants A person who is full of creativity and who has been told they are creative, needs to have space to sit down and express the creativeness when the moment hits them, rather they are; writer's, chef's, quitters, crafters or even plant enthusiasts. I #challenge you to share and … Continue reading A Blogger’s Workspace In Cozy Condo.

The Best of Review. is just about three years old and it is time for reviews and my personal favorites.  There are six top posts for the past couple of years. They are as follows... Overwhelmed by Solitude Tangled up writer’s life!! Bridges of Life Her Journey Is Complete The Fallen Angel A lifetime of laughter could have … Continue reading The Best of Review.

Behind the Scenes

  Good morning, new year brings changes to Cozy Condo and new inspiration to work space. Let's take a look at past couple years... The above picture is the living room for two years and I made changes for the New Year.... Very open atmosphere now. When I have guess and need to work; I … Continue reading Behind the Scenes

2019 Monthly Prompts

2019 Writing Prompts: Blogging is so much inspiring when we support one another. Please leave feedback and Pingback your posts so I can be inspired and keep caught up with my favorites     January-- Limiting my time on Social Media caused surprising results. February-- Cupids appear around every corner. March-- She sat by the … Continue reading 2019 Monthly Prompts

A lifetime of laughter could have saved them all.

January Prompts       Outside the bedroom window, the wind was howling On the nightstand burned a lavender scented candle Draped on the chair, a rose print robe hung elegantly They laid there breathless, knowing the secret cure. A lifetime of laughter in the bedroom could have saved them all.    Copyright 2019

Welcoming Spirit, Life in the Kitchen & Hospitality

" I love hospitality, and I love cooking. The kitchen is where I feel most at ease and where I feel most like myself."---Geoffrey Zakarian    Welcoming Spirit Life in the Kitchen Hospitality   Welcoming Spirit:    " Every house where loves abides' And friendship is a guest Is surely home and home, sweet home … Continue reading Welcoming Spirit, Life in the Kitchen & Hospitality

Another Chance: Beginnings & Adventures

7 Days until 2019    Another Chance: Beginnings & Adventures!!  The person behind the pen is very excited for new beginnings & adventures! I truly believe that Life is an Adventure!!!  As a midlife person there are Life Adventures: annoy the fire out of this caregiver.  This journey has been a Tangled up writer’s life!! I have more Culinary Adventures to go … Continue reading Another Chance: Beginnings & Adventures

Christmas Movies Bring ; Questions of the Day

#Midlife #Questions #Christmas  Have you ever thought " you were born older?" Do you think the best things happen while you're dancing?Do you ever think about what your parents remembered? You were born older Have you ever thought "you were born older?" I have watched It's A Wonderful Life for a few decades now, 2018 … Continue reading Christmas Movies Bring ; Questions of the Day

December Baking 2018

#Challenge #Christmas #Baking  @MidlifeNew and internet creation December is a favorite time of the year for sweet treats!!!  19 days until Christmas, Let's put some smiles on our loved ones faces!!! Pumpkin Spice Donut HolesAny Christmas Flavor Bread Pudding Any Christmas Flavor Mug CakeHoliday Sweet Rolls2 Christmas Quick Breads for gifts3 Types of Christmas CookiesA Chocolate … Continue reading December Baking 2018

November Coming To A Close

#bloglikecrazy #seasons #holidays #baking #culinary Culinary!! Baking!! Seven days left of November and Thirty-eight days until a new year!!  I hope your Thanksgiving was fantastic!!!   I hope all your wishes come through in 2019!! This Thanksgiving was full of new recipes and creativity!! Pumpkin & Gingersnap Parfaits were on the dessert menu, and homemade … Continue reading November Coming To A Close

The Ultimate Lesson; 4 Ways Life Challenged Me to be strong

#bloglikecrazy #Midlife #Life #Challenge Imagine for a moment...sitting in a chair in the dark all alone; your mind begins to wander through the ultimate lessons life challenges have brought your way. Which ones stick out to cause you to realize you have learned to become stronger because of those challenges? Yesterday was Thanksgiving 2018 and … Continue reading The Ultimate Lesson; 4 Ways Life Challenged Me to be strong

Tangled up writer’s life!!

#bloggers #writers #photographer #life The Person Behind the Pen has been writing in journals since her teenage years. One of the Things this Midlife Woman Enjoys!!! About three years ago she deactivated her website of Encouragement and began an adventure in blogging. She has in the past been told she should write a book after … Continue reading Tangled up writer’s life!!

Bridges of Life

A bridge forms a connection between two things. Age can be represented as bridges in our lifetime.  Certain ages connect who we are to whom we will become.           Steven Minardi ( photographer ) In a lifetime if you are giving the blessing of living past your sixties.  ( I lost my … Continue reading Bridges of Life

Overwhelmed by Solitude

  At this stage of Midlife and being a caregiver for a spouse with lung disease I am always Overwhelmed with Solitude. There is two specific reasons for this Overwhelming feeling. First of all the sadness of future solitude. There are days I can not even look at couples holding hands or even pictures of friends … Continue reading Overwhelmed by Solitude